Imagify Feature


Briefly, Imagify functionality adds a possibility of partial replacement of parts of an image upon selection in custom option. It is possible to connect 2 or more custom options and change certain parts of image upon selection in connected options.

How It Works

Step 1: enable Imagify feature in general settings for this product and add a base image - the image that will be placed below all other layers

Step 2: add custom Option, connect it <- re create this step for as many Options as you need

👉 Currently, only Radio Option type can be used for Colorify functionality. You may use any mode you like.
Enable Imagify functionality on option-based level:
Now add some suboptions, add alt images - these images will be used for Imagify. This is how it may look like:
So, each layer is a kind of part of the final image. When all such layers are displayed we will see the whole image :)
Save options.


This is how the product may look like:
My image consists of 2 layers, so I have added 2 custom options. Each Option changes a certain part of the image. I have done step 3 for each of my options.
⚠️ Important: the order of custom options matters! Place your options in the order of the desired appearance of the image parts.