Validation Conditional Logic

Validation Conditional Logic feature adds a possibility to dynamically apply different validation rules based on inputs/choices in other Options. This video will help to understand it better:

Currently, this feature works only for Text Input Option.

Example & tutorial of using validation conditional logic is shown here:

Validation attributes available

The following section is for advanced users only!

It is possible to use the following validation attributes:

  • type -email | number | integer | digits | alphanum | url

  • minlength - number

  • maxlength - number

  • min - number

  • max - number

  • range - example: [6, 10]

  • mincheck - number

  • maxcheck - number

  • equalto - ID of html form field

  • greaterorequalthan - ID of html form field

  • greaterthan - ID of html form field

  • lessorequalthan - ID of html form field

  • lessthan - ID of html form field

The attributes above should be prefixed by 'data-parsley-'. Examples: